Unofficial Field Trip, 25 October 2006: Overview

The first unofficial EOiD field trip was undertaken by Abhik and me on October 25, 2006.

Having read great things about it from a newspaper column, we set out to locate Haji Noora’s Nihari shop in Bara Hindu Rao. This turned out easier said than done, for Bara Hindu Rao the area, is quite a distance away from Bara Hindu Rao the hospital, where we initially landed up. After getting misdirected more times than I’d care to remember, we finally blundered our way to the shop — only to be informed that the place was shut thanks to Eid the day before.

What followed was an impromptu jaunt all over town, of which I’ll post details over several posts. Briefly, here’s what all we sampled yesterday morning: Hing Kachoris at the Bara Hindu Rao, Momos at Majnu ka Tila, Daulat ki Chaat at Chawri Bazaar, Nihari at Rahmatullah Hotel, amongst other things. Daulat ki Chaat was definitely the discovery of the day, but everything contributed to making it one of the most memorable outings ever!

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  1. Hemanshu,

    I have spent my whole morning (0200am to 0400am) reading your beautiful stuff.
    The Hospital is “Hindu Rao” Hospital, and the place is “Bada Hindu Rao”. Hindu Rao was a king. “Bada” or “Bara” is a place where you keep animals, in this case elephants. So that was the place. Delhi Govt in sixtees decided to name the Hospital in the King’s memory.
    Incidently there is a beautiful and artistic “Mutiny Memorial” called Jit Garh, and a Ashoka Edict very close to the hospital. There was no place to park the vehicle there this time I went.

    Did you hear about the Jalebiwala outside Dariba in Chandni Chowk?

    Keep showing Delhi to people. Very nostalgic for oldies.
    Good luck.

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